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Jonny May
08/25/2021 10:00 am (PST)

In the August 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

05:09 – Q: When improvising with both upper & lower major blues scale, is it helpful to think of them as upper & lower?

09:31 – Q: What’s the most beneficial way to practice scales and chords?

15:38 – Q: Any basic chords/bass for section B of Girl from Ipanema?

20:01 – Q: How can you tell if a lead sheet is in a major key or minor key?

24:21 – Q: How do you shift your body when playing up and down the keys?

27:16 – Q: How low can I go with walking bass lines before it starts sounding muddy?

30:20 – Q: What fingering do you use for 10th arpeggios?

32:31 – Q: How can I create a full piece with the turnaround?

38:41 – Q: Is it ok to forget the chord analysis of a song once muscle memory takes over?

40:24 – Q: What is the scale/pattern you use in the intro of Believe?

42:57 – Q: Are there multiple passing chords you can use for a song?

45:46 – Q: Is there a lead sheet for Girl from Ipanema?

46:42 – Q: Which keys should I learn blues in when playing with a band?

49:12 – Q: Do you target a note to stop at when playing glissandos?

52:21 – Q: Which key is your power progression QT in?

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