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Jonny May
04/07/2021 10:00 am (PST)

In the April 2021 Live Q&A for Beginner/Intermediate, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

01:45 – Q: How to use pentatonic scales for soloing?

03:01 – Q: When playing cycle of 5ths, which scales can I use for soloing?

06:39 – Q: What chord is G/A?

08:16 – Q: Can you give hints on which chords to use when improvising?

10:13 – Q: Does a note stay flat when it’s tied to the next measure?

12:59 – Q: Do chord shells sound incomplete?

16:12 – Q: Difference between diminished, half diminished, and minor with flat 5?

18:54 – Q: How do you make a song into a jazz song, like Yesterday by the Beatles?

22:48 – Q: Why are there 2 sets of ties in Level 5 Blues Lick?

23:59 – Q: On the A9sus4, could that also be A(9,11) since the D is the 11?

25:13 – Q: What the best method for memorizing?

28:50 – Q: How to add harmony notes in right hand when improvising?

31:52 – Q: When playing Am blues, is it ok to just use 3 fingers?

33:18 – Q: Should shells include 1-3-7? Or just 1-3 or 1-7?

35:06 – Q: When playing a run/lick, how do you decide which notes to accent?

36:57 – Q: What are some best daily routines for practice?

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