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Jonny May
08/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from August of 2018.

07:06 – 3 Sad Songs in Ragtime

17:00 – Q: More “Songs You Shouldn’t Play in Ragtime”

21:57 – Q: Can I post the arrangement I am working on?

26:42 – Q: Relative Relative Major Chords?

31:14 – Q: Learning Christmas Songs?

35:16 – Q: Learning Songs from the Gig Package and Finding Arrangements

44:00 – Q: Printing sheet lessons

46:37 – Q: More relative Majors and Minors?

52:15 – Q: Walking Bass Line Tips

55:30 – Q: Will you be posting more Gig Package songs?

57:09 – Q: Working on Mary Had a Little Lamb

59:02 – Q: Building Speed?

1:03:11 – Q: I can’t hear the melody in Ragtime?

1:04:42 – Q: Are you going to make T Shirts?

1:09:26 – Q: Playing with the full range of the piano?

1:11:03 – Q: What’s Jools Holland doing here?

1:17:06 – Q: Playing ska piano?

1:19:00 – Q: Preventing repetitive injuries?

1:22:04 – Q: Can you play the Rocky Songs?

1:23:41 – Q: Using piano stickers?

1:24:07 – Q: Playing posture?

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