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Jonny May
08/26/2017 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from August of 2017.

06:27 – Q-How to manage control while playing RAG ROLLS?

10:08 – Q-How to play 10ths on the left hand?

13:01 – Q- How to trill a boogie with left hand?

15:15 – Q-How to make the left jump in Burlesque Blues?

16:11 – Q-Feedback on Mustang Sally solo

16:57 – Q-What to study after Two-Hand Coordination Course

19:10 – Q-Burlesque Blues: Managing Right hand accuracy.

21:51 – Q- Ideas for a solo for Mustang Sally.

22:14 – Q-RAG ROLLS: Managing the right hand control.

27:31 – Q Is it normal to have tension in left hand?

30:36 – Q-Bible of Blues Riffs Demonstration.

33:40 – Q-How to make Arpeggio C7 and F7 more smooth?

37:09 – Q-The three golden rules of playing piano pedal?

41:36 – Q-Managing the Samba rhythm of Happy Birthday?

43:46 – Q-Playing Descending Passing Blues Chords?

47:06 – Q-How to not get tired?

49:46 – Q-How to make Shorter C and F Arpeggios smoother?

51:33 – Q-How to know right hand Arpeggios from the left?

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