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Joshua Foy
12/18/2020 12:00 pm (PST)

In this interview, Jonny sits down with award-winning composer, educator, and music director Joshua Foy.

With Josh’s background in film composition, he is as versatile in composing large scale concert works as he is in writing solo piano pieces. The interview starts with an original composition and then ventures into the formative influences on Josh,  including his musical hero John Williams.

After Josh explains his unique associations with chords, scales, and rhythms, Jonny challenges him to improvise different moods such as joy, sadness, and suspense on a given theme. This gives a great snapshot into the workings of creative musicianship and how students can develop this skill.

Filled with unexpected stories, laughs, and plenty of performances, Josh entertains as poignantly as he educates us on the path to becoming a well-rounded and confident musician.

Joshua received his Bachelors of Music from Chapman University in Music Composition and his Master of Fine Arts at the California Institute of the Arts in their Performer/Composer program. He has had the privilege of teaching at the California Institute of the Arts, Duke University and the Young Americans College of the Performing Arts.

Joshua composed and served as the music director for the theater production Piedra del Sol by director and playwright Maria Morett at the Getty Villa. He also was the music director for the original musical In Bermuda! by playwright David Largman Murray and composer Bobby Halvorson which featured such actors as Bryce Dallas Howard and Josh Gad.

He has written award winning film scores for The Newest Pledge, (Romance) in the Digital Age. Joshua has also composed the score for several episodes of the webseries The Computer Lab.

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