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Jeremy Siskind
10/14/2022 10:00 am (PST)

In this interview, Yannick sits down with Jeremy Siskind to catch up on his latest projects, books, and teaching insights.

We delve into Jeremy’s “COREA” process, and how students can use this practice approach to assimilate musical ideas from the masters into their own playing. The interview is filled with nuggets of wisdom on improvisation games and how we can improve at soloing. Jeremy reminds us on the importance of engaging with the recorded history of jazz to find our own voice.

At the end of this broad conversation, Jeremy shares about what motivates him to continue writing and teaching music, and describes the inspiration behind his new album, “Songs of Rebirth.”

Pianist-composer Jeremy Siskind is a two-time laureate of the American Pianists Association and the winner of the Nottingham International Jazz Piano Competition. Since making his professional debut juxtaposing Debussy’s Etudes with jazz standards at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Hall, Siskind has established himself as one of the nation’s most innovative and virtuosic modern pianists.

His career often finds him combining musical styles and breaking aesthetic norms. As the leader of “The Housewarming Project,” Siskind has not only created “a shining example of chamber jazz” (Downbeat) whose albums often land on critics’ “best of the year” lists. He’s also established himself as a pioneer of the in-home concert movement by presenting well over 100 in-home concerts in 26 states.

A highly-respected educator, Siskind teaches at California’s Fullerton College, chairs the National Conference for Keyboard Pedagogy’s “Creativity Track,” and spreads peace through music in places like Lebanon, Tunisia, and Thailand with the non-profit organization, Jazz Education AbroadJeremy Siskind is a Yamaha artist.



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