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Jonny May
04/01/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In the April 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

05:29 – Q: How do you overcome mistakes while playing for an audience?

08:46 – Q: Suggestions for sight reading?

11:22 – Jonny’s original: When Ol’ Dublin Sings

12:03 – Q: Can you play Tangerine?

13:19 – Q: Any tips for the outro in Bare Necessities?

16:05 – Q: Can you demonstrate Fly Me to the Moon using guide tones?

19:49 – Q: What chords should I use when composing a melody?

22:06 – Q: Which jazz course should I take first?

24:00 – Q: How do you make chords interesting when playing through progressions?

27:13 – Q: Advice for playing tremolos?

29:44 – Q: Why don’t we use the 2nd inversion in rootless voicings?

34:06 – Q: Can you simplify bars 72 & 84 in I’ll be Falling More in Love with You?

36:56 – Q: Can you simplify bars 11 & 29 in Slow & Soulful Blues?

40:11 – Q: When do you use augmented chords in jazz swing?

42:19 – Q: How long have you been playing the piano?

45:48 – Q: What should I do if my hands are too small to play tenths?

48:14 – Q: How to develop left hand independence & right hand melody?

50:19 – Q: What are you thinking about when you’re improvising?

52:07 – Q: Do you use the sustain pedal in Footsie Woman?

53:47 – Q: What are some techniques to improve hand indepedence?

56:25 – Q: How do I harmonize right hand melody with rootless voicings?

58:22 – Q: Can you explain 3-note tremolos in Blue Fellas?

1:00:39 – Q: How to measure what level of playing a student is?

1:04:13 – Q: How do you learn to hear chord patterns?

1:06:15 – Q: Can you demonstrate an improv to C jam blues?

1:08:43 – Q: Tips for playing block chord melodies?

1:10:37 – Q: How to stop my hands from getting tired?

1:11:04 – Q: Can you analyze the style of accompaniment for this video?

1:15:38 – Q: How useful are exercises & concepts?

1:17:05 – Q: Where can I find Autumn Leaves on the PWJ website?

1:17:58 – Q: Is there a course that helps with counting & rhythm, especially with 16th notes?

1:19:16 – Q: How would you break up a 90 min practice time?

1:21:27 – Q: Tips for getting better with flat keys?

1:22:50 – Q: Tips to strengthen finger muscles?

1:24:37 – Q: How to get better with learning melodies?

1:26:07 – Q: How long should it take to master a tune?

1:28:02 – Q: Are there any courses on drop 2s?

1:30:19 – Q: Can you demonstrate how to practice block chords?

1:31:01 – Q: What’s the best way to create a solo over a chord pattern?

1:33:51 – Q: How can you play a tune immediately after being asked?

1:36:46 – Q: Can you play a short improvise a 2 5 1 in Gb.

1:37:43 – Q: Is there a course on key change & modulation?

1:39:30 – Q: Why do you add the 5th of Fmaj7 in Danny Boy?

1:42:11 – Q: Advice on applying what I learn to new material?

1:44:29 – Q: Can you play ragtime in flat keys?

1:46:52 – Q: Are there any mobile apps you recommend for intermediate

1:47:14 – Q: How to extend PWJ Avenue & Funkaliscious?

1:50:34 – Q: What kinds of exercises do you practice?

1:51:51 – Q: Can we practice jazz & classical in the same day?

1:52:40 – Q: Can songs be in a minor key?

1:53:51 – Q: How to deal with wrist pain?

1:54:20 – Q: Can you play Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

1:54:56 – Q: Do you memorize chord progressions when soloing?

1:55:50 – Q: Which course teaches scale harmonization?

1:56:05 – Q: What are 3 ways to do a key change mid-song?

1:56:18 – Q: Which course covers New Orleans style rhythms?

1:57:37 – Q: How would you grade how well you know a particular key?

1:58:55 – Q: What’s the difference in a rumba & a bossa nova?

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