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Jonny May
12/15/2022 10:00 am (PST)

Welcome to the 2022 PWJ Annual Holiday Awards Party, where we recognized students who made extraordinary progress this year! ūüéČ

Fun Awards

Most likely to play at Disneyland – Oliver Blatt

Most likely to play at Carnegie Hall – Harry Garland

Most likely to brighten your day – Barb Christenson

Most Encouraging Student РKumi Miura & Laurie McCullough 

Most Stylish Player – Dan Tasciotti

Young Virtuoso –Mette R√§decker & Christopher Jones

Performance Awards

Blues Performance – Frank Scaccia & Harrison Moss

Jazz Ballad Performance – Chirayu Poudel & Joyce Heineman

Jazz Swing Performance – Shanti Lie & Karen Rigdon

Jazz Waltz Performance Award – Coji Takahashi

Latin Jazz Performance – Wilma Hiser & Ho Ting Ting

Pop Performance – Chantal Dobbelaere & Steven Hill

Contemporary Performance – Lee Hayton & Yvonne Yeroyan

Boogie Performance – Paul McFarland

Rock & Roll Performance – Julie Perry

Stride Performance – Kirna Smit

Ragtime Performance – Clement Cruz & Robert Primrose

Funk Performance – Max Althoff

Gospel Performance – Rie Kitamura

Holiday Performance – Dianne Sutton & Lisa Hansen

Classical Performance – Krisztina Berkes & Dave Punke

Best Original Song – Mausi Beach

Vocal performance – Sabine Hohler & Emily Yurcheshen

Non-piano instrumental – William Evenhouse

Most Creative Video – Tom Cook/Kumi Miura & Dina Melucci

Outstanding Duet – Barb Christenson/Andrei Borg, Mette & Kirna

Trio Performance – Masako Cross

Merit Awards

Most Improved Beginner – Mike Brady & Jill Humbert

Most Improved Intermediate – Justin Mlcak & Carrie Lin

Most Improved Advanced – Milad Mohsenian & Jardin

PWJ Honors Award – Martyn Ramsden

Office Hours (October 3)

Office Hours are an opportunity to get interactive feedback from a professional piano coach!

Member Circle (October 2)

‚ÄúMember Circle‚ÄĚ is a zoom meeting led by a Community Leader where students will have the opportunity to share their breakthrough moments with each other and discuss a particular theme.

Monthly Update (September 2023)

In September, we released 4 new Courses, 4 Quick Tips, 6 Smart Sheets, 11 Backing Tracks, and more!