Congratulations on signing up

for the PWJ Recital! 🎉

Please review the information below:

Add the date of the recital to your calendar: Tuesday August 11, 2020 10 AM PDT. Plan to be ready 45 minutes early for our recital check-in. We will need to make sure that everyone’s audio and video are working.

Technical Requirements

  • Have zoom video conferencing platform installed (mobile or desktop)
  • Have stable internet connection
  • Have a device with a camera for live video
  • Have headphones (just in case there are audio issues)

In order to get the best quality audio, we need to use a setting in Zoom called “original sound.” This setting can be turned on via the instructions below. You must turn this setting on BEFORE you join the recital meeting.

By turning on this setting BEFORE the meeting, will allow you to enable “original sound” within the meeting.

Other Important Notes

  • During recital, make sure limit any external noises that could disrupt your playing.
  • Please set up your camera to include your upper body and hands in the shot.
  • Remember that you have 5 minutes max to perform your song selection.

You can perform any song, in any style or genre, with or without improvisation. Backing tracks are optional. You may play non-PWJ material if you like.

Shows will be streamed live to our website Show page and archived.

We are excited to showcase your talents with the PWJ community! 😊