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Get instant access to over 1,800 in-depth HD Piano Lessons for all playing levels, with new lessons added each month. Browse by music style and learning focus, so you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Smart Sheet Music

We provide over 600 Smart Sheet Music Pieces. This technology combines sheet music, video, and a light up keyboard to make reading music easier than ever.

Downloadable Resources

Download unlimited Lesson Sheet Music and get discounts on Premium Arrangements. You can also download unlimited backing tracks, practice logs, and course guides.

Weekly Q&A's

Join the live-streamed Office Hours with Jonny and other guest teachers each week to get answers to your burning questions.

Monthly Workshops

The monthly workshop lets you interact live with Jonny as you do a deep-dive lesson on a topic that you get to vote on. This is the masterclass of PWJ.

Weekly #PWJChallenges

Join in Jonny’s weekly #PWJChallenge, the most fun way to practice piano and share your progress with other members from around the world! All participants get recognized at the end of the month.

Amazing Community

Get virtual high-fives from our super supportive PWJ Member Group on Facebook and in our Private Community Forum. Share tips, ask questions, and get inspired every day.

Direct Feedback

If you want personal feedback on your playing, Jonny will review your video and give you a response in our monthly Student Review. In addition to the Q&A, Facebook group, and Forum, this is another way to get your questions answered.

Fast Customer Support

We provide quick and friendly customer support to make sure you only need to focus on one thing: playing piano and improving every day.

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Guided Learning Tracks

Remove the guesswork from improving at the piano

With our structured Learning Tracks, we guide you step-by-step to master the styles of music you want to learn.

Choose from these Learning Tracks:
  • Blues
  • Funk
  • Gospel
  • Jazz
  • Swing
  • Jazz Ballads
  • Latin Jazz
  • Ragtime
  • Stride
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Technique

Our dashboard with progress tracking keeps you focused and motivated while you learn at your own pace.

Smart Sheet Music

Learning made easy with modern Smart Sheet Music

Smart Sheet Music powered by Soundslice combines video, sheet music, and a light-up keyboard to help students learn interactively.

  • Hear the audio playback
  • Slow down the tempo
  • Loop sections for replay
  • Transpose the song to any Key

View all of Jonny’s Lesson Sheets, Public Domain, and Original arrangements through our Smart Sheet Music software.

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If you want encouragement, accountability, and motivation from the best online piano community, look no further!

  • Join a passionate community of over 10,000 members
  • Hang out with Jonny & other members in our Monthly Q&A
  • Complete our Weekly #PWJChallenges and get recognized
  • Participate in Live Workshops, Student Collaborations, and Student Recitals

Get direct feedback to your top questions from Jonny, our Community Support Team and your fellow students in the Facebook Group and Community Forum.

Live Shows & Events

Each week we release new shows for student challenges, Q&A sessions, workshops and more!

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Office Hours (April 23)

Office Hours are an opportunity to get interactive feedback from a professional piano coach!

Member Circle (April 22)

“Member Circle” is a zoom meeting led by a Community Leader where students will have the opportunity to share their breakthrough moments with each other and discuss a particular theme.

Office Hours (April 16)

Office Hours are an opportunity to get interactive feedback from a professional piano coach!

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Member Circle (April 29)

04/29/2024 12:00 pm (PT)

A Passionate Online Community

For someone to whom the latin rhythm does not come naturally, I made quite a progress by the end of the course and could play together with the backing track. It was easy to follow the course, step by step you get into the groove. It is amazing how seemingly effortlessly the instructors convey the material. Thanks Jonny and Yannick.
Boris B.
Boris B.
Blues Challenge 2
I have learned more with this course in 4 and half months than I have learned over several years. The techniques have stuck and will transfer to Jazz so learning blues first is a ABSOLUTE MUST, it focuses on technique and you won't regret it. But don't be fooled - it is rigorous, not for the faint hearted and requires determination and resilience. If you don't have that - dont go there. The eureka light goes on, when you've cracked an element that you thought you would never do, it becomes really enjoyable and inspiring to know that's when you know you can play the piano. Bear in mind there are many more keys to cover, it's only the beginning... I think I can see the base camp of Mount Everest, Thanks again Jonny.
Ted B.
Ted B.
As with the other courses on rootless voicings for major and minor chords, this lesson on dominant 7th chords takes you in a piecemeal approach, from A voicings to B voicings, and then to alternating A and B voicings. The short songs at the end of each lesson add a fun touch to what might otherwise be a not too fun travel around the circle of fifths with each voicing. John keeps you engaged, but don't hesitate to pause the lesson and spend several minutes really learning the numerous chord patterns. Thank you, John.
Dick S.
Dick S.
I really am a beginner to piano although I spent a few months trying to learn on my own. The foundation learning track quickly demonstrated and filled some fundamental gaps and I do feel ready to move forward with more confidence. Glad I came back to the start. It was a valuable time taken. I am very happy with my first experience of the PWJ beginner learning tracks. 🎹😎
Dan G.
Dan G.
This is a great course for a Jazz beginner with classical piano training - made it easy to pick up the jazz fundamental principles. I've been wondering all these times what the tricks were and now boom I can start to bang out some cocktail jazz chords. So much more to explore but can't thank you enough Jonny!
Becky P.
Becky P.
This course has given me so many tips on how to improve soloing. I tried to learn jazz piano a few years ago. (Having played classical for many years). I bought countless books, watched tons of videos etc etc, but I hadn’t found anything that worked for me until PWJ. Prior to PWJ, I didn’t really understand chord progressions, or guide tones, and relied on being a good sight reader, but as Jonny points out, the 2,5,1, is so important, almost a building block to everything else. I can now play a 2,5,1 in every single key, without thinking😊 (well, a little bit of thinking😆) The lessons are so clearly laid out. The exercises are really good fun to play and the great soloing examples have made a big difference, to my playing and understanding of ‘where to go’ in a solo I love the whole teaching method at PWJ.
Eleanor R.
Eleanor R.
Surprised myself by my progress in a short time. Really appreciate Jonny’s encouragement and inspiring teaching style. Thank you
Ann B.
Ann B.
The course starts you right at the very beginning, if that’s where you’re at.
For me, I have taken some piano training and am familiar with the treble and bass staffs.
I started at the beginning anyway.
The warm-up exercises and the practice pieces that get you playing hands together were what really caught my interest.
The training by video methodology is about as good as one could expect.
I am very encouraged to keep moving on in my journey.
David C.
David C.
I have played piano all my life and I thought I *knew* seventh chords, but I decided to take the the 7th Chord Foundations as a review, starting with major 7th chords. Well ... I learned so much from this first course! While I could have given you a textbook definition of "major 7th chord" before, the exercises really helped me to gain a much deeper understanding of how major sevenths work, look, and feel. I am so looking forward to delving into the dominant 7ths next!
Nina Baxley R.
Nina Baxley R.
PWJ is the BEST online learning you will get. Knowledgeable and friendly teachers. Detailed and very thorough learning video courses broken down into bite sized chunks.

Downloadable sheet music and backing tracks. Structured 'Learning Tracks' take you from beginner to advanced through a variety of different courses and styles.

Different genres covered and a fantastic Facebook community of the most supportive musicians in the world.

Quite simply, PWJ is brilliant and I cannot imagine life without PWJ.
Nick M.
Nick M.
PWJ is such a wonderful community of encouraging members and talented instructors. Highly recommend!
Shaundra R.
Shaundra R.
Piano with Jonny is an amazing platform with the most talented instructors, supportive members, and loads of content. They are constantly publishing new courses, quick tips, and live shows. I especially love the practice log feature. Highly recommend for anyone who's serious about learning piano.
Evelyn D.
Evelyn D.
Playing piano became boring to me after more than 10 years. Despite my experience, I didn't know how to play blues, jazz, or improvise, and it didn't amuse me anymore. But everything changed when I joined Piano With Johnny a couple of years ago. The progress I've made since then is unbelievable, and I'm having so much fun with it. I wish I had joined earlier.
Gitte Gry Luttinen Ø.
Gitte Gry Luttinen Ø.
Perfect place to get into jazz and learn the core concepts around the art. Very helpful for classical pianists like me who are trying to understand jazz .. 10 on 10.
Sanjay R S
Sanjay R S
Every person gets to a point in their journey, whatever that journey may be, where the uphill challenges get discouraging, sometimes even to the point of resignation.
For piano playing, Pianowithjonny provides a very supportive environment with no time to get stuck! There is just so much to do and to get involved in if you are passionate, ambitious or just curious. Even if you just want to hang in the back ground and observe... that's perfectly fine too. They make it clear and simple, and add just the amount of challenge needed to succeed in achieving goals assisting you step by step.
The opportunities are excellent; from live shows, to recitals, to question and answer sessions once a week with professional piano teachers.
I don't think they have missed out on anything, whether it be level or need, in helping improve one's piano skills.
Very satisfied with my choice to join the community.
Mary S.
Mary S.
Piano playing is the greatest gift I ever had and I have loved playing since I was young. People who heard me play thought that I was good but I know I still need to learn more. When I found PWJ my piano playing was enhanced. Johnny's piano tips made a big change in my style of playing. He offers a lot of great piano technics even for advanced piano players.

One more thing, PWJ is a very encouraging and appreciative piano community. Kudos to the PWJ Team!
Edwynn Fermin C.
Edwynn Fermin C.
Jonny reawakened my passion for piano at the age of 45, I hadn't played for 15 years and I was missing something important. I was very sad when I saw a piano and heard someone play it. I wanted blues and jazz! but had no idea who would teach me in a way that I understand and enjoy!
With Jonny I have found a teacher who teaches me how to play the piano like I always wanted to as a child! Free, improvising, soulful, passionate. I wanted to be on stage and overcome my fear...
It has come true! My first live gigs begin! Thanks to Jonny!!! now live my piano dream every day! Get a membership, you will have great benefit!
Simo L.
Simo L.
This is the page I was looking for. Professional advice is invaluable and a supportive community. Meetings of experienced and novice music lovers are so intense only here.
Marek P.
Marek P.
Piano With Jonny is a great Facebook Group for piano and keyboard players. This group allows piano and keyboard players at all levels to learn from each other. Also you can enjoy the individual achievements with others. I highly recommend this group!!👌👌
Andre V.
Andre V.
Great customer support, they have never let me down!😁
Visional M.
Visional M.
Student Samples

Here are some of our students practicing and enjoying our courses.

We believe music is meant to be shared at any stage of your learning process. With our proven practice strategies, we help student break through plateaus and master the elements of style.

The Top 10 Reasons Why People Join PWJ

You studied with traditional lessons and got bored
You want to learn jazz and popular styles of music
You wish you could play a lead sheet in any style
You were never taught how to improvise
You never got clear guidance on how to practice
You feel overwhelmed by too much information and need structure
You feel stuck on a plateau playing the same old songs and licks
You wish you had a supportive community to learn with
You are short on time and aren’t getting results you want
You don’t have hundreds of dollars for private lessons each month

Common FAQs

Will this program help me overcome my nerves of performing?

Yes. We teach you how to set goals, how to structure your practice, and how to get results using effective practice methods. On top of that, our supportive community allows you to share videos and build confidence over time.

Will this program help me memorize songs?

Yes. With our method you will learn how to “see” music as chords and patterns. This approach makes it much easier to learn songs instead of the old rote repetition approach to learning.

Do you need to be able to read sheet music before taking your courses?

No. Sheet music is provided as an additional learning resource for students who want it. Our courses will help you become familiar with music notation, but all the notes are clearly demonstrated with the light-up keyboard.

Am I too late to start?

Definitely not! Many of our students are late beginners who simply want to pick up a new hobby to stay mentally sharp. We help you ignite your passion for music at any age.

Can I watch the lessons from any device?

Yes. You can watch our lessons from any browser or device such as your phone, tablet, or computer with an internet connection.

Are there any limits on access and streaming?

No! Your membership includes unlimited access and streaming to all of our video content. We want you to get the full experience with no limitations!

Does the free trial come with downloads?

The free trial includes access to all the videos, shows, and community pages. It does not include access to downloadable sheet music or backing tracks. You can skip the trial to access the downloads at any time.

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