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Are all products digital?

Yes, we offer exclusively digital products for instant streaming on all devices. We do not ship and send physical products by mail.

When can I download sheet music and backing tracks?

Downloadable sheet music and backing tracks are available on each of the course and smartsheet pages once you are past the free trial and become a paying member. They are not found on individual lesson pages (unless the lesson is a quick tip).

How can I download backing tracks?

On a desktop, right click the track and select "save as." For iPad and iPhone, we recommend using the browser Documents by Readdle which allows file downloads.

Are all of Jonny's Sheet Music Arrangement available?

Jonny's original and public domain arrangements are available to members at 50% off, and 3rd party copyrighted songs are exclusively distributed by musicnotes.com. Members get a 20% discount for musicnotes arrangements.

What is the difference between lesson sheets and arrangements?

Lesson sheets break down a song or piano style into sections. They coincide with a lesson or course. An arrangement is a stand-alone transcription of one of Jonny's performances. These are available at 50% off to members.

How can I jump forward or backward in a video?

For ease of navigation, we offer 2 tools. First we have chapter markers on every video. Second, you can use the forward or back keys to quickly and easily review the video.

How are returns processed?

Email us within 30 days if you are not satisfied with your purchase for a refund.

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