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Spread joy and happiness with the Happy Chord Progression—a contemporary pop piano groove that is overflowing with good vibes.

The Magic Run is the ultimate piano run to captivate your audience's attention during your introduction, ending or anytime in between.

Learn 5 common ways that jazz pianists use diminished 7th chords to add variety, momentum and color to their piano arrangements and improv.

This month, we're learning about Art Tatum, a fascinating American pianist whose influence on jazz music is sometimes overlooked, yet legendary.

Level-up your jazz piano voicings for the 2-5-1 chord progression by exploring critical considerations in 5 levels—from beginner to pro!

Discover the beautiful sound of Jonny's favorite jazz piano chord—where it comes from, how to build it, and most importantly—how to use it!

Explore 4 progressive piano improvisation approaches to solo on Stevie Wonder's timeless R&B love ballad, "Ribbon in the Sky."

Play the top 5 Coldplay piano riffs and explore songwriting and the creative process behind the most successful band of the 21st century.

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