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John Proulx

This course will help you master Erroll Garner’s Misty at the beginner level.

First we’ll learn the right hand melody and left hand chord shells. Next we’ll embellish the melody with harmony notes and learn a pre-written solo. Finally, we’ll put the hands together and play a beautiful final arrangement!

Course Objectives
  • Memorize the lead sheet melody
  • Practice the left hand chord shells
  • Embellish and harmonize the melody
  • Learn a pre-written solo
  • Combine all these techniques for a final arrangement
Learning Focus
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs

This copyrighted lesson sheet is available for purchase on MusicNotes. Members can view the digital Smartsheet for free!

Featured Reviews

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A real good challenge
I'm still in my first month of PWJ membership, and this challenge really challenged me. It was very humbling, but I got through it and learned a lot. The main lesson for me is to practice well, without making mistakes, by going super slow, first out of time, and then really slow with time, gradually increasing the speed bit by bit. I am not yet able to play this piece, but I made a lot of progress and will keep at it.
Misty Me
Excellent training. There is lot to remember.
Easy to understand
How the song was broken down into its elements.
Very fun to learn such a pretty ballad
A very good challenge. Each week added more difficulty, but with consistent practice am able play this piece better as the weeks go by. Definitely use the smart sheets to help with the timing of the rhythm.
One of the best way to learn a new song
Really appreciate those 4 weeks challenge. Great explanations!
Really enjoyed this!
It’s a beautiful song so I enjoy every minute of practicing this piece. Thanks to John Proulx for such a thorough explanation of the fingering and chords used and also for throwing in the sample solo. I’d love to see more lessons like this for beginners.
Excellent course!
It was challenging and fun. Excellent explanation, beautiful content. Thank you so much professor John Proulx. I can’t wait to play and learn that melody.
Challenging, doable, and confidence building
Whether you are gigging for yourself, your family and friends, or a more formal audience setting, this is the perfect approach for learning a must-have-standard for your permanent repertoire. With or without the backing track, you will have a professional sounding arrangement of a timeless song. Plus, if you want to take a next step, there is a bonus scale for creating a solo from four different five-note positions so your right hand needn't be jumping around. I was left looking forward to Misty - Challenge 2 for more next-level skills!
Very helpful and inspiring
John Proulx taught me step by step how to get into this beautiful piece Misty with left and right hand as well as harmonies and rhythm. He gave the student/me room to understand and follow his teachings. Thank you so much. I feel ready for the next challenge.

Course Lessons

Misty – Challenge 1 – Lesson 3

Adding Harmony to the Right Hand

Misty – Challenge 1 – Lesson 4

Hands Together & Improv Solo

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