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Jonny May

Learn the most important fundamentals for the Key of C Major with the scale, diatonic chords, common chord progressions, and inversions. Then put it all together with Jonny’s Canon.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the scale, diatonic chords, common chord progressions, and inversions
  • Play Jonny’s "Canon in C"
  • Use a variety of techniques to master the key of C
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Groove
  • Lead Sheets
  • Scales
  • Songs
Featured Reviews

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So happy to learn something so pretty so soon!
Very enjoyable lesson
Being a beginner and just finishing the Intro to the keyboard course, the Canon took me over 15hrs of practice to get down in its simplest form. I can play the inverted chords but struggling with playing each seperate key of the chord in the left like a metronome. I tried for days and am going to move on and come back to it later.
Key of C Major
I learned so much from just one song. So many different ways to play Jonny’s Cannon, especially liked learning chord inversions.
Love it! Great way to learn cords
Really good way to learn cords and coordination.
First steps for glory
The mixado approach
Where has this been all my life?
77-yo hack piano player with melody from lead sheets (or memory) accompanied with clunky three-finger chords in left hand. I knew about inversions but never played often enough to bother with them, other than first inversions for C, F, and G. These first few lessons were a mind opener. Already sound better, tho still not good. Other issue is Dupetryns Contracture in left hand partially resolved with surgery that makes smooth fingering quite challenging. LOL. These lessons are encouraging me to play more often, and I'm having fun! What more can I ask?
Foundation Track 1 review
I like the way PWJ gets right to making music! "Cannon in C" is fun to play and provides plenty of opportunity to experiment with inversions and melodic variations.
Great 1st foundation
Great time re-learning the key of CMajor.
Great Introduction to Inversions!
Especially appreciated lesson on inversions. Concept of keeping common tones between chords made a lot of sense!
Even though starting at the beginning, I know a lot of chords but didn’t understand inversions. I used them, just didn’t know it. Good to have a clear explanation.
Great course!
Enjoyed following this content and learning more about Key of C Major.
pwj canon in c
nice canon
Lots of fun
Had trouble playing melody line and left hand together with the backing track. Kept at it and finally got. What a feeling. Challenging but a load of fun.
It was challenging to learn the chord inversions and break them up.
Very stimulating
Good and encouraging teachers. I learned a lot. Good advices and tips.
Fun and Rewarding Course
This course did a good job introducing the major scale, chords, common progressions, and inversions. The performance piece was challenging for me with the left hand pattern, but really fun and rewarding once I practiced it over a few sessions. I was aware of the 1, 4, 5 progression, but learning about the other possibilities was very helpful. I'm looking forward to learning more in other keys!
A superb course
As a beginner, I have spent many hours practising the material presented in the six lessons of this superb course and every minute was valuable!
Fun, very important and essential for hands adaptation!
Great step by step for Lh and Rh!
Really important
One of the most difficult things for beginners is to get independence between the two hands. That is why contrary motion in scales and other exercises is easier than parallel motion. This canon and all the exercises are really good to help with independence of the hands.
very well structered
It could be nice to introduce how to get the chords from solo music
So much fun
You really have such a nice way to explain that stuff :)))
Definitely fun and challenging
This is back to basics but, being average self taught, it’s quite hard work but essential and rewarding
Lots of pleasure!
The link Jonny does between theory and practice is one of the most valuable things. Let’s move on!
Fun and important info
Fun and important info Along with good tune
Excellent Course
Excellent course.
Great fundamental training!
Perfect lesson on how to familiarize yourself with a new key signature, learn the diatonic chords, and learn a new song. Recommended!
Great exercise for the brain.
I enjoyed being challenged so early in the learning process. I am trying to learn and repeat by ear which is working my brain so much. I need to do this because I can sight read so easily, but have always been too lazy (or impatient) to play from memory.
Exactly the course I was looking for. I learnt Piano a few years ago and was ready to start again with boring scales and so on.....Not at all. This is fun and entertaining. THANK YOU
Great Course for everyone!
Good teacher with a good method!
I am in awe...
....of how much teaching PWJ managed to get out of just 8 measures!
Clear & systematic teaching. Comfortable pace. I like the arrangement of playing together then playing on our own along with the groove. I've got sufficient practice along with the lessons.
Great fun
I learned a lot
Enjoyed the simple way of using inversions and making melody sound richer.
Definitely great to review
Even though I have been learning for 2+ years it has been a wake up call to go through this course. So many different ways to play a great melody al in one place. Would recommend everyone to try this to actually gauge your ability. Excellent!
Inspiring course
I learned so much
beautiful and fun to play
This is a very beautiful melody that I enjoyed learning and playing.
Canon in C
So fun!
Fun and very useful
Nice to have so many useful elements implemented in a single lesson and still advance without being overwhelmed. Well done guys :)
easy but challenging
I learned hand independence and timing.
A nice refresher
I've been playing very basic keyboard/synth on and off for years but this was a nice refresher into proper fingering technique and starting to play with two hands properly
Great teachers! Fun and to the point.
Excellent classes!
Easy to follow
The instructions were easy to follow and the results were encouraging. I easily felt that I had made some progress in my goal.

Course Lessons

Key of C Major – Lesson 1

Major Scale, 1 & 2 Octaves

Key of C Major – Lesson 2

4 Common Chord Progressions, Grooves

Key of C Major – Lesson 3

Jonny’s Canon in C, Melody, Chords, and Patterns

Key of C Major – Lesson 4

Inversions, Primary Chord Progression, Canon in C Application

Key of C Major – Lesson 5

Performance with Backing Track

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