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Daine Jordan

Learn the most important fundamentals for the Key of Ab Major with the scale, diatonic chords, and common chord progressions. Then put it all together with an original tune, “Come My Darling.”

Course Objectives
  • Explore how to play in the key of Ab major
  • Learn the scale, diatonic chords, inversions, and common chord progressions
  • Discover an original tune in the key of Ab Major, "Come My Darling"
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Reading
  • Scales
Featured Reviews

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Very involved lots of information and techniques
Lots to learn and work on. You could spend a lot of time here. Very necessary stuff.
Very engaging!!
Really enjoying breaking down these scales one by one!
Opposite hand coordination
I liked this one for the opposite hand coordination needed. It took a little while but was a very cool groove once I got it.
Insightful and helpful
I love that Daine frequently tosses in little bits of wisdom learned through his own experience. These casual comments may at first seem insignificant, but I often find them quite insightful and helpful in seeing the big picture. He also strongly encourages experimenting with the music, quite different from the pedagogy I experienced as a child when playing exactly as noted was the sole benchmark.
Awesome explanations
I love how Daine clearly explains how he approaches improvisation. After he plays something really sweet, he breaks it down step by step. He did a great job of making theory more fun to learn.
Daine explains everything well, and challenges me with the tempo - the backing tracks are great for keeping me on tempo. I learn a lot in each course!
Key of Ab
As in the other courses….(ie: w/ YANNICK or JONNY himself)…things could not be explained better…seems like you guys wanna make a piano enthusiast of me
Excellent Song and Grooves
So much fun learning not only the song but two really nice grooves including a Popstinato.
learning heaps!
Fantastic course and instructor. Thanks for this excellent training.
Fun and challenging
I learned new chords & inversions. So, now I can play and accompaniment the melody!
It was fun and challenging
Great professor and excellent course
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