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Blues Band Accompaniment

Jonny May
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Today you’ll learn how to accompany or comp in a blues band.

One of the biggest problems I see with pianists playing with a bass player is that they’ll play bass lines like the blues shuffle.

Sometimes this works, but oftentimes, it clashes with the bass player.

If playing in a band, you should stay in the midrange of the keyboard and look for more spread out chords.

Now, you can use simple root position chords like C7, or spread them out into an open position like C Bb E G, but there’s an even cooler way to play these chords using…

Quartal Voicings

With quartal, or 4th voicings, you get more rich colors added to your chords, like the 9th and 13th.

And the beauty of quartal chords is that you don’t have to move very much between the chords, creating good voice leading.

You’ll also learn in the quick tip that you can use chromatic dominant 7th chord connectors to create interesting counter melodies in your accompaniment.

If you’re a member here at Piano With Jonny, be sure to download the blues backing track to play along, and download and print the sheet music.

Also, check out the Smart Sheet music, which allows you to change the key with the click of one button!

Happy practicing!

Jonny May

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  • Accompanying
  • Chords
  • Improvisation
  • Reharmonization
Music Style
  • Blues
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