Complete Beginner Piano Foundations

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Section 1

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If you've never studied piano, this is the course to get you started.


Introduction to the Keyboard

Complete Beginners, welcome to your first piano course, the Introduction to the Keyboard. You'll learn note names, proper technique, stretches, exercises, note/chord reading, improv, & more.

Section 2

Explore Beginner Improvisation

Get started with some basic and fun improvisation!


A Beginner Guide to Jazz Piano Improvisation

One of the simplest approaches to beginner jazz piano improvisation. Using only 2 chords & 1 scale, you'll play 8th & triplets lines, turns, slides, & runs.

Learn Background Jazz Piano Music For Any Gig

Learn to play background jazz piano music for any gig. You'll learn the Turnaround Progression, scale for improv, & 3 improv tools.

Easy Piano Improv – 4 Steps for Beginners

Learn to play beautiful pop piano improv using super easy pinkie grips that sound great! Then explore descending rolls to add gorgeous fills.

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Level 1
2 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn the layout of the keyboard, note names, and finger positions
  • Explore first steps with improvisation
Full Description

This learning track covers the most important topics for complete beginners. Get your journey started with exercises and tools to have fun and make music right away. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!

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