What can I expect to learn in these piano courses?

Each video will help you learn a complete song in the style of music that interests you. This is the main goal of our courses; to teach the techniques of ragtime, boogie, blues, pop or jazz in the context of a fun song arrangement. Some videos teach more than one song, and all of our videos contain additional exercises and techniques to help students master the fundamentals, add variety to their playing, and learn to express themselves musically.

What level of experience are these videos designed for?

Our videos are inclusive to piano players of all levels, from beginner to intermediate and advanced players. Most of our videos teach a song at two levels; one suited for beginners, and one suited for intermediate to advanced players. We teach the same song, but the advanced version has more challenging notes and rhythms to learn. Beginner players will want to take their time, while the more experienced players can move at a faster pace through the lesson. As Jonny goes through each section of the lesson, beginners can skip the intermediate/advanced sections until they feel ready.

All levels of students will improve because of the visual approach to learning the piano. As Jonny explains the notes, chords, and fingerings being used, viewers find it intuitive to follow along at their own pace. Prior knowledge of chords and theory is not required, but can help the student learn faster. It is encouraged that beginners start our lessons with a basic understanding of where the notes are on the keyboard.

Each individual video on the products page has more detailed information about what experience level it is best suited for. Some videos may be geared more towards beginners or towards intermediate to advanced players.

What is the teaching method in these videos like?

In each video, Jonny will demonstrate the song and then explain how to play it in clear, step-by-step instructions. Some videos start with introductory concepts before diving right into the song arrangement. Once we start on the song, Jonny breaks it down one section at a time, and shows you exactly what each hand plays separately before putting them together. He goes slowly enough to cover all the notes and fingerings, plus our videos feature an ‘info bar’ which complements everything Jonny explains in writing. If anything slips by the viewer, you can always pause and rewind the clip. Our ‘chapter markers’ also make it easy to review specific sections of the song. As Jonny takes you through the lesson, he will start with the beginner version and then show you a more advanced way of playing the song, which players can attempt when they are ready.

Jonny will use musical terminology and explain some of the music theory behind what he does, but players don’t need to grasp all the theory right away. The important and gratifying part is being able to play the song. The theory will make sense over time and with repeated exposure.

How long will it take to work through the video?

Each video provides an abundance of content for viewers to practice. The time it takes for a student to learn everything in one of our courses depends on their current level of experience and their ambition. Students who are motivated and who practice consistently will see steady results in their playing within several days. As with anything, what you get out of it is what you put into it. The most important part is to take it one step at a time and to enjoy the learning process. Jonny will provide helpful practice tips along the way.

What else is included with the video?

With the order of any video course, you receive sheet music, a piano course booklet, and a free recording of one of Jonny’s CD’s. The supplemental materials will help you get the most out of the video. Sheet music is provided for those who would like it as a reference, and the piano course booklet provides practice advice, a chord chart, a practice log, tips on navigating the video, and more. The complimentary CD is thrown in for your enjoyment and motivation. You get all this for the price of half a regular private piano lesson!